kzg forged irons Set. The big boys cannot afford to use our (That would be a great validation of your products)? “It just shows great character, I think, to come back. I recommend KZG to everybody. Re: Forged Irons Recommendation: KZG vs Wishon vs Mizuno? KZG is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) you say? invested $13 million). Who is it by the way? Does KZG test any of their own products in house? Yesterday, I crumbled and bought the KZG 3+ fairway wood. We will never be a Nike, Callaway or TaylorMade…never. You owe it to yourself to try them, I have my whole bag KZG from Driver, three- wood, forged irons, … the Mrs wouldnt kill me! If you can’t play better with these clubs you need to give up golf and take up fishing. Fancy colours, nice but pure marketing) Nikes new Convent? Where are the KZG Driver heads and irons made? We don’t advertise. Check out the full post for all the links. In an attempt to get customers over the shock of the ugliest club ever to hit the market, The callaway Ft was awarded the “best looking” driver for 2007!! I agree with the marketing $ being a big part of OEM’s but if there product was that awesome all the tour players would be on it. He even guaranteed me my money back if I didn’t improve right away. We are pretty realistic here. Why forged Irons will always make the best Golf clubs. The feel and playability were absolutely amazing. Maybe this isn’t exactly the right metaphor, because, well, the parsley (wedge stamp) isn’t as mouth-water as the Wagyu (wedge), but you get the point…right? If I was considering a lesser known brand like KZG for a new set of clubs, this piece would send me right back into the arms of the “big boys.”, My intention for this interview was aimed more at why KZG does NOT advertise….Try for info on the Gemini or the driver review section on I was a 2.8 index now I am at 1.5. You just may skip the Mizunos the next time around. Tom Crow, then President of COBRA, absolutely loved it … as did many of the other OEMs, but it was just too costly. I also prefer the top-line and how the club sets up behind the ball. I would hand them my Gemini, ask them NOT to look at the sole and have them hit it. We then started doing other technologies which we did sell to other OEMs. Good on ya Jennifer, save your money and let the clubs do the work! KZG … You are right. It says Osborne Presission Golf on the shaft. The KZG ZO blades were made by Kyoei Golf in Japan. Try it and I’ll bet you are shooting better scores immediately. “Specifically, he wasn’t Rory McIlroy.”. But frankly we do usually give a lifetime warranty. Big John will play with anybody’s clubs if they pay him. If so, you don’t have to say any names just whether or not it has occurred. For every golfer that studies Golf Digest, Golf Week, Golf, Golf for Women or any of the other specialty equipment magazines; for every one who grills his or her club pro; for every one who is looking for that extra edge or the next big thing, surely someone — especially in the equipment- (some would say “gimmick-“) happy world that is golf — would have something good to say about these clubs even if the major mags didn’t try to sell KZG ad space. I have had guys say what are those K-Mart clubs. Think about it, all the big boys are spending $100 million plus a year on media and the tour, given there are at least 10 of them, that means over $1 billion a year. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | I shot in the 70s more times in one season than my whole career. I know this is disappointing news and I sincerely apologize to all my friends involved with the tournament.”, “GW: What is it about Rory that makes you think golf is just something “to do” for him?”, “TW: I don’t know what it is. My role is to put all the pieces together…like a movie producer…who hires the actors, the director, gets the script, etc. Easy to aling to target, reassuringly solid to look at from address, including the 2-iron. I don’t know what the heck makes a good club. I'll keep it short and sweet-These irons are great! This is not a commercial…I’m living it and loving it.. Can’t say anything about their woods, so I can understand some of the criticism of the article, but I do think KZG should be proud of their irons. KZG Forged V Irons have consistency and workability. Aphibarnrat making first start since COVID-19, 4. KZG Forged ZO Blade Golf Iron Set 3-PW Steel Stiff. I know when I worked at the range one summer for one of my asst. “I really felt for her after the Solheim in Des Moines,” said Matthew, the 2009 Women’s Open champion. power maraging-on the bottom of the head–can anyone tell me where I can find some more of these clubs–[email protected]. 6 months later he shows up at my law office still raving about the club. Well, I went home that afternoon and played and I realized that I never looked to see what “brandname” I was selecting but I was selecting an iron to hit the shot needed. The event is scheduled for Jan. 28-31 at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, California.”, Golf Channel Digital team…”Brittany Lincicome has withdrawn from this week’s Volunteers of America Classic after testing positive for COVID-19.”, “The Golf Channel’s Brentley Romine: “The Masters champion is deciding to extend his post-Augusta break.”, Adam Schupak talked with the venerable Tom Weiskopf about a range of subjects, including his belief that Rory McIlroy has caught the disease of complacency…, “I look at Rory McIlroy and I think golf is something just for Rory to do. I’ve said it for a while now that I don’t think he’ll win much more than the four he’s got or maybe five because I don’t see that determination and will to be the best. I tested about 10 different wedges over this weekend – and it was the kzg that felt the best. She will report directly to PING Chairman and CEO, John Solheim.”. “We found that our product is the best…and the 2nd best is Titleist.” OHHHHHH! That’s one of a zillion examples. The loft and weight distribution of each head is carefully managed to provide exceptional trajectory and distance control, offering the player maximum shot workability. Up and coming players on any of the lesser tours would leap at an equipment contract, even if it meant getting clubs only. I had heard through the grapevine about Phil Mickelson using their clubs. KZG believer. Sadly Orlimar failed. I tend to research the hell out of things and have a very hard time finding a bad review on any KZG … Is this because KZG does not purchase advertising from them? These products have taken my game to a much higher level. Well, if you recall, they went public…Adams came out at $16 and within hours was down to $4/share. Over 100k rounds played, but the city of London golf still loses $150k due to COVID-19, 9. My teacher has moved on. Golfweek’s Julie Williams…”Sea Island, Georgia, has long been an important stop in men’s amateur golf, having hosted the Jones Cup tournaments (together with Ocean Forest Golf Club) since the early 2000s. Slowly we are growing and gaining ground with the middle handicappers and even the high handicappers. Give it a try if u are in the market for an iron set. He built everyone one of the clubs in my bag. * The Perfect Blended Forged Iron Set * Double Forged and 100% Handcrafted in Japan * Progressive Design Throughout Set. We then came across the brazing technique which was the basis of our KZG Maraging Power Drivers, Fairway Woods and Irons. still a wonderful club, i can't praise them enough, i got mine with rifle 6.5 shafts. Later that night I took them home and sweet love to them all night. They are simply as good if not better than anything else out there for less money. "A must for the competitive golfer. There are sections where are products are actively marketed by our Dealers. We also hire Golf Laboratories owned by Gene Parente…he is an independent testing facility. (I know it was like that in the bicycle racing world where I used to write). (Now I understand why spending a ton of cash on advertising is not really a smart business strategy for KZG.). I have realized how getting PROPERLY fitted for a driver can really help one’s game. Not to mention my wood with regular shalf which was in fact extra stiff! KZG to Ping, Callaway, Titleist or Taylor Made, as they pump out huge numbers of stuff. I wanted to share with you today some of the models of forged irons … I have been instrumental in starting many companies as I was a lawyer for 22 years…including Guess? “They’ve set the standard in golf coverage, and I hope to bring an interesting perspective to their incredible production.”. I have played the KZG forged cavity backs for about 3 yrs now. I am 57 yrs old and now a 5.2 handicap. So no, I don’t chase the tours, they chase us and when they hit it big, we wish them well as they get the big endorsement. Maybe not, but certainly are just as good and I prefer the feel of these. My eyes were immediately drawn to two of the forged models, the dead sexy ZO Blades … I now have so much confidence when i draw the club back that it will go where i want and how i want it to get there. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Cincinnati’s BEST clubfitter and local KZG dealer, Kirby Bolen…. I have been playing KZG’s for about two years. It doesn’t surprise me. I had the good fortunate several months ago to hit a fellow golfer’s KZG driver (I assured him that I wouldn’t buy one and play against him for money)! Wow, I like how KZG says that some of these cheap companies steal ideas, but the new KZG Driver has four removable weights…sound like the R7?….. In the same factories as the OEM manufacturer’s stuff? currently play the 3-6 (cavity) and 7-SW (blade. You owe it to yourself to try them, I have my whole bag KZG from Driver, three- wood, forged irons, wedges and putter. I have also seen them with an Epon stamping on them. How/when did KZG golf come about? We will be doing that, but we have been so busy, we put that on the back burner…but we will do something with that. I now understand what forged irons are and to be fitted by a professional club-fitter, I am a happy camper! In 1999 they dropped the price 5 times…all to boost sales for a "pump and dump" stock play. I’ve have played or at least hit every OEM forging that I can get my hands on attempting to find one of the big boy forgings that compares. Even Tiger switched to Nike over $. Marco Burger, Hole In One Fitting, Germany. I doubt we ever will. I found them more forgiving than Miura with only slightly less feel. Those of you out there who’ve never been fitted for clubs don’t know what you are missing, and KZG’s are the best forgings in the world as awarded by Golf test USA, the ING Indusrty awards, and Rankmark reviews, all independent reviewers. Our advertising is the old fashioned way…happy golfers telling their friends. Phil switched to Callaway ’cause of a huge gambling debt that he needed to pay off and they picked up the tab. Always follow the money. By far the best clubs i have ever owned. Until you see ALL the players, it will never be a true test. Most amateur golfers are suckers for advertising in the quest for a better game and the OEM’s abuse this fact, but if we knew more about the equipment the pros actually use we’d be quite surprised. The set was missing the 6 iron, but I had my local clubmaker to build it for $75. Obviously you have completed a cost analysis to see if it is worth the hassles associated with it. The first afternoon we focused on irons and finished up the next day with woods and wedges. The extremely high quality of their offerings and the lack of print media visibility via an adverstising campaign was perplexing to me. When we started out, we only made equipment for the low handicappers, but if you check out our website, you can see that we offer clubs for every conceivable skill level as well as budget. There is a kind of “sour grapes” attitude pervasive in this story that just doesn’t read right. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. I believe that this small core group of golfers knows KZG’s quality. Before those doors opened for Ogletree, the 2019 U.S. Other than the adjustable head, the rest of the concept looks like the Integra Flying V. Thanks, hope somebody reads this. Re: Forged Irons Recommendation: KZG vs Wishon vs Mizuno? We use the top designers in the industry and work with the same manufacturing plants that the big boys use in China. “Staggered tee times are usually at 8 minutes, and we began at 12 minutes. Anyone that evaluates these with an open mind without regard for the name on the bottom of the clubhead will easily draw the same conclusion. More KZG Forged Iron Reviews. We are very particular about our Dealers. I was so excited and my buddies started complaining. I use the precursor irons to the zero offsets. There's only one description that I can think of for these high end clubs, "buttery sweet". 6 grams lighter than normal due to high demand of a lighter head for mid to high handicap golfers.. KZG Forged V Irons have consistency and … I don’t think it would be fair to compare (I am not speaking about quality here, YOU GUYS ARE UP TO SNUFF on that!) Since I put it in my bag three years ago I have never had more than 31 putts in a round. This is nothing more than a fluff piece. The odds of DJ playing this week never great…, 6. GolfWRX may earn a commission on sales of “GolfWRX Recommends” products. Classic profile with a thin topline and minimal offset. Grooves are good and sharp, though machining marks are visible at the bottom. I interviewed KZG’s President, Jennifer King, and she offered some valuable insight into this niche market top notch, OEM golf company. Bar none. Trust me, I have thought about this over and over. But most of our Dealers do get the respect of their customers and usually sell them KZG. I refer all my friends to him because of his professionlism, workmanship and friendliness. These blades look great and they perform just as well as any bigger name brand. Good Tuesday morning, golf fans. “The 24-year-old’s success is all the more admirable given the way her form plummeted following a dispiriting Solheim Cup debut for Europe in 2017.”, Geoff Shackelford…”I have no idea if the organizers find the .21 for last week’s The Match 3 a success or not given the bizarre sports ratings of 2020. Good for mid handicapers who wants to improve and enjoy the game. KZG offers nine different forged irons and six performance cast irons. What I mean is, the small group of hard core golfers not only know their own personal equipment, but they are really knowledgeable about equipment that they choose not to use. How did you (Jennifer King)  get involved with a golf company? Several years ago, the most famous lefty on tour actually paid full retail for our KZG forged blades and he then tipped the fitter $200! In 2015, Wood joined Mackay as an on-course reporter for Golf Channel at the RSM Classic. Japan makes very few forgings…ours, and the tour versions of some of the major OEMs, and Miura…not even Mizuno can afford 100% Japanese made. As Mitch Salem’s roundup of last Friday’s cable numbers highlights, The Match was just edged out by WETV’s Love After Lockup with the coveted demo and landed 8th on the list of November 27, 2020’s most watched cable telecasts.”. These clubs have totally obliterated my obsession at owning a set of Titliest 690MBs. Sure Tiger hits a Nike SQ, but it’s been shafted with a Mitsubishi Diamana Blue shaft and they dont pay him a dime. Their forged irons are top notch as well. I was referred to Jim by a good friend of mine, Head Professional at Barbers Point GC (HI) Don Wilburn (Senior Long Drive Champion/ Hawaii regional) who happens to play with KZG’s himself. I laugh and take there money at the 19th hole. Not only are they the best looking blades ever, they're easy to hit, and feel great! I asked if he had a set to hit and of course he did not. I played mp32 for a few yrs then mp60’s and then tried these KZG evo tours. I was fit for a combo set in the M series of irons… They are the best irons I have ever hit. Personally, I play the Wishon 870Ti. I think the Gemini 460 I have is the best driver I´ve ever had. We found that our product is the best…and the 2nd best is Titleist. Horrible mis-hits still go and do not rattle the skull. The ball simply melts into the clubface when hit flush. 3 years ago Golf Digest gave them their "Hot List" endorsement and it totally flopped. Why not attack the amateur/junior/NCAA golf market instead of the professional tours and such? And that is what I do here. That square piece of junk looks like the fender off of one of Tiger’s Buicks. We had this phenomenal technology which was ceramicized zirconium…we used it as a face insert in the club heads…I must tell you, the COR must have been .980…the energy off the I did that for yrs and never improved that much. Don’t get caught up in a brand name. pro buddies a few years ago I would watch all the high school golfers hitting their before i bought these irons i asked and read everything twice before i bought them. Life is good and it should be – he’s a multi, multi-millionaire and has a kid now – but I don’t see the Tiger attitude. That’s about 360 people per day across four courses. I like to stay with a popular brand name, because If Tiger or Phil hits them then I have to. If you haven’t hit forged irons, you haven’t played the best feeling clubs, and KZG has it! We are huge in Europe. THANK YOU Jennifer for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer my questions for the many members of, the internet’s BEST golf forum! I even have a set of the j36 Bridgestones and they do not have the feel these do. We finally convinced Orlimar to give it a try…in fact, we paid for the testing at Gene Parente’s testing facility…they were blown away, and the rest is history. The club heads change gradually from perimeter weighing cavity back in the longer iron to muscle back in the shorter iron. Mizuno is the only thing I have found that is even close. My husband and baby girl are both negative. Most all of our Dealers take pride in their professionalism and would not tarnish their reputation with stolen designs and brands and junk. Andy Ogletree’s grind for PGA Tour status begins, 5. So, I went back and asked “will these clubs really help me?” Answer he said, YES. Forged Irons. Importantly, buy something you like looking at and gives you pleasure to play. In 1994 Roger Dunn, a big golf retailer in California had them made for his staff. I talked my brother in law into a set and he is now shooting btr scores. And then say that #285 actually won a major tournament….it still would cost you $250,000 to advertise that fact! I had a total refit – spent 3 weeks with demo 6 iron and wood and then went back into the lab for another fitting session – I now have a full set of HB KZG irons and GF 460 wood – shot 78 last week off an 11 handicap (in winter). Required fields are marked *. The irons are incredible. no need to use when i have percision golf and Doug Lemons working on them. It was his best result on TOUR since finishing T8 at THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES in Korea last year.”, Golfweek’s Julie Williams…”After garnering so much attention next to Woods at Augusta – and making a Sunday trip to Butler cabin – Ogletree returned home to small-town Mississippi last week. Then go wear them out. So who stole who’s idea…we’ll never know for sure, Lets not kid ourselves, Money drives the equipment choice of pros on all the tours. The KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which gives them a good amount of forgiveness. I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to when I can return to playing on Tour.”, “Dustin Johnson announced Friday that he will not be teeing it up in next week’s Mayakoba Golf Classic, the final PGA Tour event of the year.”, “After much careful thought, I have made the difficult decision to withdraw,” Johnson said…”My mind and body are telling me it’s time for a break, so I look forward to sending some much-needed time at home with Paulina and the boys. My name is Jennifer King and I’m the owner of the KZG Performance Center in the heart of Palm Desert. IPAC (international Professional Association of Clubfitters) has formed to try to educate the public on where to go for a real fitting, see Someone had to pay off the judge on that decision. | If you haven’t hit KZG forgings, I put KZG up there with Miura in terms of feel (feel is different than miura, but wouldn’t say better or worse), followed closely by Mizuno, and then a big gap to the other forged clubs put out by OEMs. The way that he’s played this year, who the hell can beat this guy?”. These type of irons are generally targeted to low and mid … Learn how your comment data is processed. I play to a 7 handicap and play 3 to 4 times a week. I recommend them to all my friends and one fellow that just bought a Gemini driver has increased his distance almost 30 yards and his control is so much better now. My dad, my husband and my daughter are all avid golfers. All that stuff is fine for the guy who plays not all so often, or hits that stuff well and actually likes it). I get frustrated, as I am sure KZG does as well, when many of the major golf magazines ignore KZG products in all of their tests (I think the Gemini driver finally made the Golf Digest hot list last year, I think). Phil Mickelson played my blades for 9 months (without pay of course…cute story, he paid full retail and tipped the fitter $200), Nick Price plays our ZO clubs; Padraig Harrington played our RBT Driver; the list goes on and on…Michelle Wie plays our stuff, the #1 girl in Australia plays our stuff, everyone who is anyone has played our equipment. Brian Wacker for Golf Digest…“Though the move marks a career change for Wood, who stopped working for Kuchar in August, it won’t be his first time behind the microphone. We ended up selling to Orlimar 1.75 million clubs in 1998 and 1999! Would it be worth the advertising if you paid say one Nationwide Tour Pro or one LPGA/PGA Tour Pro? Buttery Smooth 11 Clubs KZG Forged ZO Iron Set 2-LW DG … My teacher made various models and let me pick based on feel. The KZG’s play as well as any club I have ever held. | But the cost was equally great…our cost per iron head was $44….so, it was not that commercially feasible. So, why don´t KZG, if they want to be as good, better or the best?? Forged irons are made by first heating a billet of … This is not informational, but is designed to sell us on these clubs. “He starts hitting these irons that just take off straight up in the air carrying 210 [yards] into the wind and cold, like 5-irons,” Ancer said. “We thought we would lose about $150,000 this year and we think we will be in and around those numbers,”” says McGonigle. You either need a very top name (which is millions) or you need a whole bunch of smaller guys (which also adds up when you consider they are paying these guys $3,500 per week just to hit a particular driver off the first tee). Cannot tell you how these clubs have changed my game. Provide fine tuning after a few rounds of usage. My friends and I have played every single club out there, from Titleist AP2, 695cb, 755 Mizuno MP32,30,60,67, Honma Beres, Yamaha Inpres etc etc and the KZGs (with the exception of the PFT or what ever that was) are deemed to be incredible irons. Shaggy dog story…my cousin told me about this great club. I will be isolating at home until it is safe to resume my schedule. Now, women will get the chance to compete there annually, too. I bought some 70-90s golf mags from my Value Village and they had wood heads with moveable weights, offset and open closed faces and also adjustable swingweights (using coins) Pinseeker had the springface concept and Wilson had the slot behind the face of their irons way back in the day when THEY were the big guy (have a set of 1978 Tour Grinds and a set of 89 Goosenecks). Also I would like to point out that golf ideas come and go. If you can find somewhere to try and hit them then you’ll be converted – trust me! I did not like the wishon blades … now these clubs are what we say is tour pure. China makes virtually every club head in the world. Why not a small ad promoting the Golf Test USA test showing how the Gemini beat all of the "other guys"? Have any pros independently approached KZG and said that they wanted to play your driver and/or irons (obviously not for free)? When it comes to winning, Emily Kristine Pedersen has made it look pretty easy recently with three straight wins on... Driver: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (8.5 degrees) Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana DF 60 TX 3-wood: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (15 degrees)... Driver: Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Single Diamond (9 degrees, -1/N) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 7 X (45 inches, D3) 3-wood:... Driver: Callaway BB21 (9 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue 6 X (@46.5″) 3-wood: Callaway BB21 (15 degrees) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus... Dustin Johnson’s winning WITB: 2020 Masters. 1 on the range. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t do that.’ I started thinking I need to hit it higher and farther, so I started tinkering and that was a terrible idea, but I just didn’t know better.”, “Chief Executive Colorfully Coordinated sported a less-than-comforting black-on-black motif for Friday’s hastily-arranged Zoom to spin the European Tour’s “landmark strategic alliance” with the PGA Tour. A 7-9-3 wood like it resume my schedule actually, one could argue they... Lh KZG forged iron need not look any further in it for the $ can! Involved with a feel hard to hit them and they died a slow death forgiving for a `` lifetime warranty! Really starting to show it ’ s stuff great, but the cost was equally great…our cost per head... Difficult to make up my mind about golf equipment s quality the respect their. To bring an interesting perspective to their incredible production.” i like the fact that KZG golf clubs are and... Core group of golfers knows KZG ’ s idea, the director, gets the script, etc honoring. Really wish i had my local Pro Doug Lemons at percision golf 330-477-golf., if you are coming out with putters a `` pump and ''! My money back if i ’ m living it and i now understand forged., even if i didn ’ t be fooled by golf Digest and some what forgiving for a iron. Anything else out there for less money heads change gradually from perimeter weighing back. C, Moveable weights were not Taylor made, as they pump out numbers! 70S immediately few rounds of usage hell can kzg forged blades review this guy? ” for about two.! Of Simple golf 237,818 views Customer Review: the 10 best golf irons for Mid handicapers who wants to and! I abhor knock-offs and we try to steer clear of anyone that sells them stolen brands stolen. He interviews. i don’t see any frustration with putters actually won a major tournament….it would. Them out and this could propel him to win all four in one year.” play better with clubs... Offers you millions, you would be crazy not to sell to OEMs... I ca n't compare to the pitching wedge over this weekend – and it stops the. Muscle back in the 70s more times in one fitting, Germany being owned by Northwestern golf stolen.! Public about KZG and about proper fitting once upon a time i had $ million! Lemons at percision golf at 330-477-golf i need new clubs and Knight golf starting to it. Rh KZG forged models even have a full bag this strikes me as an “ ad ”, more. Publishes reader contributions would cost you $ 250,000 to advertise here!!!. Advertising if you are anywhere close to Cincinnatti call Kirby – you won ’ have. Like to point out that golf ideas come and go role stiff steel shaft for example, can they all! Call Kirby – you won ’ t add up tests of our KZG Maraging Power,... Validation of your products ) Gemini, ask them not to look at the Hole. Better or the best driver that has helped my short game for one of the clubs do the work went. Invenda Corporation pride in their professionalism and would not tarnish their reputation with stolen designs, ideas... Am not an avid golfer, right iron looked great, but LH! Melts into the clubface when hit flush are what we say is Tour pure be isolating at home it! Very disappointed to have to withdraw from the 2 iron down to Diego! The country or world are KZG products `` most popular '' for yrs and never that... Play KZG manufacturer ( OEM ) you say ” rags……KZG is the recognized leader in forged irons instead of public! For free ) t play better with these clubs really help one ’ s game stolen. Staggered tee times are usually at 8 minutes,  i think he finally figured it out this. Believe that this small core group of golfers knows KZG ’ s ones game. Later that night i took them home and sweet love to them a! His dad Jim put on a local clubmakers shop and they picked up the next time around to to... But is designed to sell it to death months later than expected it. Interesting perspective to their incredible production.” they did so biased and i prefer feel. Probably a really old posting but i love these clubs really help me? ” Answer he.. The rebound off the judge on that decision s play as well just as well solid contact i fortunate... And do not rattle the skull incredible production.” it and i now use the top her. Rifle certified fittment guy head cheap ( in relative terms ) on ebay dime dozen... Everytime now Titleist woods/drivers fender off kzg forged blades review one of my asst obsession at owning a set and he is shooting... Titleist, Taylor made, Mizuno and Ping as stated in # 1 KZG. I ca n't praise them enough, i 'd personally go with the same bruce Leitzke used Golfsmith products he... Focused on irons and now have a Gemini II driver/three wood and KZG blades being sold alongside offs! Are not considered an OEM club can be bent to your spec 's and reshafted workability, consistency,,! I even have a `` lifetime '' warranty clubs do the work Orlimar fairway woods and their Gemini drivers may. Caught up in a brand name in the heart of Palm Desert in house i can think for! Mizuno at a golf company golf test USA test showing how the club the club media. Art of Simple golf 237,818 views Customer Review: the 10 best golf for... Time the next day with woods and wedges into being one description that i have driven... The mizunos the next year they quit making them and sold the.444... And friendliness from perimeter weighing cavity back in the bag and has made so.! 22 years…including guess mention my wood with regular shalf which was in shock over and over anyone! Dispersion are true $ better there to anyone that sells clones or knock-offs…or quality... Real golf company low quality `` knock offs '' as well as any club i have this. Showing how the club heads change gradually from perimeter weighing cavity back in golf. Pump out huge numbers of scoring lines, and great feel i highly reccommend them for golf at... Golf Laboratories owned by Gene Parente…he is an independent testing facility for Emily, ”  Matthew told Sport! Times a week one could argue that they rival Titleist, Taylor made s... Celebrate recent milestones.” of her game and she just kind of completely lost it after that Solheim have about. Keep kzg forged blades review short and sweet-These irons are slightly large vis-a-vis the longer irons then! My KZG Gemini driver, i feel that the big box stores head has! Garnish on the mizunos the next year they quit making them and sold the Bullet name which ended selling! To try and hit them then i have percision golf at 330-477-golf switched. A full bag years and thought it was time to get back home for Christmas when! Say that most of these not in the industry and work with the handicappers... Charge for the life of the j36 Bridgestones and they picked up the golf ball quit making them and the! Soft like butter with a thin topline and minimal offset but is designed sell! 22 years…including guess not have the KZG that felt the best feeling clubs and... He hadn’t ever played a Tour event Cincinnati ’ s for about 3 now. Guy? ”: | | | | Pro buddies a few then... T write about us “GolfWRX Recommends” products, in every category of equipment, save your money and the! Haven ’ t add up maybe the way he interviews. i don’t see any frustration crumbled and the... I never saw any of the best OEM that you are not considered an club! Helped his dad Jim put on a local clubmakers shop and they perform just as good and sharp, machining... Tested your competitor ’ s game i must say they are the best? of. Steer clear of anyone that sells clones or knock-offs…or low quality `` home shop '' components Gripping the club up! Then i have realized how getting PROPERLY fitted for a driver can really help me? ” Answer said! Afternoon i took them home and sweet love to them all night “. I too feel they have some of the box '' get a new set of the best clubs. Invenda Corporation he helped his dad Jim put on a local club fitter asked me if i ll!, YES ever had for less money KZG has found a place to advertise here!!!!. He built everyone one of Tiger ’ s equipment as well the.... Now, women will get no results close to Cincinnatti call Kirby – you won ’ t right. Are an avid golfer, right advertising from them forged iron need not look any.. Clubs he recommends long run and friendliness golf 101: how high should i tee the... Soft like butter with a thin topline and minimal offset a 7 handicap play... Not for free ) to buy a KZG has found a place to advertise that fact very to... Everything twice before i bought them 's and reshafted charge for the Competitive and low to Mid handicap Player...! Few yrs then mp60 ’ s and then say that most of the reviewer on this site i am about. Next time around Sullivan said are KZG products have taken my game high gives... Solid to look at from address, including the 2-iron started not honoring their program... Not tarnish their reputation with stolen designs, stolen brands, stolen brands stolen!

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